Industrial Vac Services

The North Texas GO-TO-CREW for Potholing and Hydrovac services. Industrial Vac Services provides cleaning and assists maintenance crews for many of North Texas’ businesses and manufacturing facilities. By offering on-site vacuum services such as Potholing, Underground utility locating, trenching and wet/dry bulk media removal and pressure washing, Industrial Vac Services is a One-Stop solution for your business to partner with. We understand finishing jobs on time coupled with safe practices and quality of work, leads to success.

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Industrial Vac Services can offer safe simplified solutions for creating service pits, trenching, stepping, sloping, sign holes or pole hole excavations. Our experienced crews can provide the water and may haul off spoils to minimize your efforts on-site. We want to partner with you as an extension of your business to reduce costs and liabilities. Consider Industrial Vac Services on your next project, let us dig for you.
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Non-Destructive Utility Locates

Excavating within tolerance zones can be a slow and challenging task. In fact, many companies with upcoming projects will not allow so-called “Yellow Iron” or destructive equipment disrupt the earth within certain areas. Typical services performed are Line locating and utility pole holes where hazard of striking existing lines might occur. Using pressurized water and an industrial-strength vacuum process to loosen and remove soil to identify existing utility lines and piping.

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Media Removal & Pressure Washing

Managing Industrial wastes and routine maintenance are vital to an organizations’ efficacy. Industrial Vac Services routinely assists clients to remove Industrial waste from their manufacturing processes which can build up to cause issues. We specialize in the removal of materials such as, lime, cement, steel slag, sand, saw dust, gravel, mud etc.  Whether it’s day, night, running or shutdown our industrial vacuum truck can help keep your plant clean and safe. From material handling spillage to machinery blockages and trucking spills Our skilled labor teams have experience cleaning up a wide range of materials, we can do it all. 

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